• Warning: This article contains images some may find distressing

Four people from Sevenoaks have been banned from keeping horses after they kept sick animals in the same field as a rotting carcass and poisonous ragwort.

Harry Dunn, Tommy Tucker Dunn, Matthew Dunn and Christine Chambers were found guilty of offences under the Animal Welfare Act and sentenced at Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court following a two day trial.

The four were found guilty of multiple offences relating to seven horses kept at a location on South Ash Road in Sevenoaks - a Shetland pony and her foal who were very thin and riddled with worms, a thin skewbald pony who was also suffering from a worm burden, two foals who were suffering from an untreated respiratory condition, a very thin mare and a colt who had very poor hooves.

All of the horses were kept in a field that had a high amount of a poisonous plant known as ragwort.

A horse carcass was in a corner of the field Credit: RSPCA

There were a lot of horses being kept at the site, and I was shocked at the conditions not only of the field which was atrocious, but the horses themselves, they were in a terrible state. I could see the carcass of a dead horse rotting in one part of the field and there was poisonous ragwort growing all over the place. It was a completely unacceptable way to keep horses.”

RSPCA Inspector Deborah Pert

We are delighted that Jaffa has already found a loving home where he is enjoying his role as a loyal companion, Echo recently joined our rehoming scheme and is looking for his ideal home, whilst Cocoa is having a fantastic time with the other youngsters at the farm as she continues her rehabilitation.

Claire Phillips, World Horse Wefare

You can watch footage of the rescue here: