Oxford roundabout the most dangerous outside London for cyclists

45 accidents have been reported in the past 7 years Credit: Google Images

The Plain roundabout has been revealed as the second most dangerous roundabout for cyclists in the country.

The roundabout, at the junction of Iffley Road, Cowley Road and St Clement's saw 45 collisions reported to police between 2009 and 2015 - second only to Lambeth Bridge roundabout in London.

Eight of the top 10 - according to data firm Mapmechanics, were in London.

Nationally, around 140,000 accidents were reported to police.

The roundabout joins three busy roads in and out of the city centre Credit: Google Maps

The number of casualties on urban roads has increased by 7.5% in that time.

There were 2,592 serious accidents in 2015 and 51 fatalities.

Improvements have been made at the roundabout since the survey was carried out. Credit: Google Images

Meanwhile, one of the worst rural hotspots, in Hampshire, has seen 7 accidents since 2009. The North Lane/Ipley Cross junction in the New Forest was ranked the the third worst in terms of casualties.