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Lamb thinks he's a dog after being rejected by mother

Photo: Abby Bolt

Barry the lamb is growing up with six dogs in a Hampshire home after being rejected by his mother as a newborn.

He responds to the call of his name, much like a dog, along with sharing a dog bed with a poodle named Dexter.

Owners and neighbours Emma Childs and Abby Bolt say they had no choice but to bring him indoors to care for him.

Credit: Abby Bolt

Barry has picked up habits from the dogs such as jumping on the sofa with his owners to watch a film.

At a month old, Barry is now spending more time outside with other lambs, to help remind him that he is in fact a lamb and not a dog.

Credit: Abby Bolt

He is a Valais Blacknose sheep which is one of the rarest breeds of sheep in the world.

Emma and Abby run a business in Fordingbridge breeding these rare sheep who are known for their friendly and loving dispositions.

Barry drinks bottled sheep milk during the day and at night time to gain his strength.

When he was small Barry had to wear a dog jacket to keep him warm.

Credit: Abby Bolt

Reporter Emma Wilkinson spoke to owner Emma Childs.

Barry follows us around everywhere and comes to his name, just as my dogs do. As a breed, the Valais Blacknose is unusual in its attachment to its owner. They are hugely affectionate, much like a dog, which make them such ideal, popular pets. Although this is taking that on a stage further!"

– Emma Childs, Owner

"You can pick Barry out of the flock a mile off, he's so white and clean compared with the rest of our lambs!"

"He's always the first to rush over when he sees us, too - he's a very special little lamb and will only go to the very best of homes when he's weaned and ready to leave, which will be a very sad day for us all".

– Abby Bolt, Owner