Two 20 somethings jailed for terror offences

Mohammed Mayow and Mohanned Jasim jailed for publishing and circulating inflammatory material Credit: SECTU

Two young men have been jailed for terror offences after being prevented from leaving the country at the Port of Dover.

Mohammed Mayow, 23, from Hayes in Middlesex, and Mohanned Jasim aged 21 from Southall were arrested by Kent Police at Dover Eastern Docks, as they were trying to leave the UK back in November 2015. They were then charged and prosecuted by the South East Counter Terrorism Unit, otherwise known as SECTU.

Mayow pleaded guilty to six counts of distributing or circulating a terrorist publication in contravention of the Terrorism Act of 2206. He was sentenced to five years and two months in prison.

While Mohanned Jasim pleaded guilty to two counts of publishing a statement while intending to - or being reckless as to whether it would - incite others to commit, prepare or instigate acts of terrorism. The action is an offence against the Terrorism Act 2006. Jasim was jailed for two years.

The police statement issued after the case has urged the public to get in touch if they see or hear something that they are concerned could be terrorist related. The Anti-Terrorist Hotline is on 0800 789 321.