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False smart meter readings leave families shocked

Photo: ITV Meridian

Energy bills have been rising but for some customers in the region they're being told their heating is costing as much as £28,000 a day.

Shocked families, who use smart meters to tell them how much gas they use, have been getting false readings which suggest huge bills ahead.

They're supposed to be completely accurate but some are malfunctioning.

Some people are being told they're up to three million percent over budget.

Sarah Saunders spoke to smart meter user Dave Robinson from Chatham who is a customer of SSE.

It is not only those in the South East having trouble with their smart meters.

Kerry Swain spoke to Layla and Steve Mew from Hampshire and Jane Allen from Portsmouth who are both smart meter users.

SSE says it is working to resolve the problem and is in the process of communicating with all its customers directly.

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