Simon's Blog - It Happened At 10.28 am

Credit: Peter Johnson

You probably didn't notice as it was all a bit damp and breezy at the time, but 10.28 this morning saw the Vernal Equinox happen and that officially marks the beginning of spring for countries like us in the Northern Hemisphere.

So what better way to celebrate the end of winter than with a multi-headed daffodil!

That's Julia Hemsley in Lancing's impressive bloom, consisting of ten flowers and two buds on a single stem.

Surely twelve heads is unbeatable isn't it?

Well no... Joyce Harvey in the New Forest has got one with fourteen heads on the one stem.

So can you top that? If you can, please email me a photo to or you can always tweet me @SimonParkinITV if you're on Twitter.

Other unusual spring stuff includes this picture from Robert Olley in Reading.

They are unripe pine cones on a Giant Redwood tree.

And here’s your interesting pine cone fact, at any given time, a large tree will have about 11,000 cones on it.

Here’s a novel one from Andrew Pass in Southsea.

That’s last year's sunflower head that he left out and now the old seeds have started sprouting.

It's the circle of life!

Finally my favourite spring photo came from Roy Venkatesh who was taking a nice picture of the impressive National Trust property Hinton Ampner in Hampshire, when it was photobombed by a couple of amorous toads!