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Robin hops on mother's hand after she asks late son for sign he is still with her

The robin visits Marie at the cemetery Photo: Marie Robinson

A video of a robin hopping onto the hand of a mother while she visited her son's graveside has been viewed millions of times.

Marie Robinson filmed the bird on her hand after she ask for a sign that her son Jack was still with her while visiting the grave on the third anniversary of his death.

Four-year-old Jack died three years ago after suffering from an inoperable brain tumour.

Jack Robinson passed away aged just four Credit: Marie Robinson

Marie was visiting Jack's grave in Waterlooville in Hampshire on Saturday when she encountered her feathered friend.

She said: "I got to the cemetery and was sitting in the car feeling quite down."

"I said: "Come on Jack, show mummy a sign that you are there".

"I then went and sat by him at his grave and the robin came down and landed on my leg. I took a picture and it flew off but then came back.

"It then landed on my hand I filmed it. It was all very moving.

"The video has been viewed millions of times and I have had thousands of messages from people about what it symbolises and from parents who have lost children."

Marie shares her reaction to the special visitor in a Facebook post Credit: Facebook