Mass vaccinations as student dies and two others struck by meningitis

John Igboanugo, a first year physics student, died following a trip to Italy

More than four thousand students on a university campus are being vaccinated against meningitis after one student died and two others were taken to hospital.

John Igboanugo, a first year physics student at the University of Surrey, died last month following a trip to Italy.

A three-day Meningococcal B vaccination programme is now underway on campus to protect other students, as Chris Maughan reports.

Interviewees:Jane Powell, University of SurreyKoyin Akinsiku, Psychology studentDr Peter English, Public Health EnglandAmy Davis, Volunteer, Meningitis Research Foundation

With meningitis symptoms sometimes likened to flu or a hangover, here is a link to Meningitis Now's list of the common signs & symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia.

Public Health England (PHE) South East of England said Meningococcal infection is comparatively rare and the risk of transmission is relatively low:

After considering the medical evidence, we have decided to offer vaccination to around 4,200 students living in halls of residence at the university to reduce risk of further cases next term.

Dr Peter English, Consultant in Communicable Disease Control, PHE South East of England