A new resource to help children with Down's Syndrome and their families has opened near Oxford.

'Elliot's Shed' has been a labour of love for Kat and Seth Cornfield, the parents of Elliot Cornfield who had Down's Syndrome. Elliot was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 17 months.

“He cruised through his treatment with strength and determination, and without fear. He never lost his cheekiness and learnt to walk, sign and get into trouble like any other nearly two-year-old. We had a fantastic summer together.”

Kat Cornfield, Elliot's mother

However, Elliot lost his battle with leukaemia and died at just two and a half years old in 2015.

His parents decided to fundraise to help the charities and organisations which had helped their son during his short life. Now, having raised thousands of pounds for various charities, they are helping other children with Down's Syndrome in their area by donating 'Elliot's Shed' to Down's Syndrome Oxford (DSO) in memory of their son.

Elliot's Shed is a resource for families with children who have Down's Syndrome. The service provides specialist equipment - including chairs, tricycles, buggies, and sensory toys - which will be available free for parents to borrow.

“DSO is our local charity that continues to support Elliot's many friends. It helped Elliot make the most of what he could do – which was everything and anything! – and supported us when we could have felt isolated and alone.” “He spent his last few months living life to the full – he felt well most of the time and we made the most of every minute with our happy little boy.”

Kat Cornfield