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Two monkeys escape from Marwell Zoo enclosure


Two monkeys have escaped from their enclosure at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire this afternoon.

But, it wasn't long before keepers managed to re-capture the animals.

The zoo have told ITV News Meridian that two of their adult Sulawesi black macaques escaped at around 12.40pm.

Guests and staff were asked to stay indoors as a safety precaution and no one was injured.

Despite initial thoughts that a third macaque had escaped, the wildlife park confirmed only 2 had been on the run.

At around 1240 this afternoon two of our adult Sulawesi black macaques escaped from their island enclosure. Zoo guests and staff were asked to remain indoors while our trained keepers dealt with the situation. The two macaques were returned to their home within 10 minutes.

Guests were asked to remain indoors for a further 15-20 minutes while Keepers investigated a report from a member of the public that another macaque had been spotted outside its enclosure. It was quickly established that a third macaque had not escaped.

We are grateful for the way in which our guests cooperated and for thank them for their understanding. Our thanks to our Animal Management team who responded swiftly and carried out a model response.

The two macaques have rejoined the rest of the family and all five will remain in the indoor part of their enclosure until a full investigation has been carried out. Our vet team has carried out checks and we are happy to report that the animals came to no harm. The zoo remains open as usual.

– Marwell Zoo statement
Keepers working to re-capture the escaped monkeys

The zoo stressed that the safety of guests was not affected during the incident.

They said: "At no point were any of our guests at risk of any harm. The reason why guests were kept indoors was precautionary and it allowed our keepers to respond as quickly as possible."