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Mum keeps children at home because of school blazer concerns

Caitlin,15, and Jack, 14

A mother from Bournemouth chose not to send her children to school because of concerns about their school's uniform policy.

Sabrina Fitzsimons says her children Caitlin and Jack told her they were not allowed to take their blazers off at Winton and Glenmoor Schools and that they were struggling in the heat.

I phoned the school to find out what the policy was on the blazers and I was told that they had to wear them to and from school and on site when moving between classrooms, which I thought was a bit unfair in such extraordinary heat.

I believe they have now relaxed the blazer policy which is why they have gone to school today.

– Sabrina Fitzsimons

A spokesperson for Glenmoor and Winton Academies said they are taking a sensible approach towards uniform policy and are not insisting that students wear blazers.

Students are of course allowed to remove their blazers during lessons and at break and lunchtimes.

– Glenmoor and Winton Academies
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As temperatures peaked at 31 degrees celcius in our region today, the TUC said employers should also relax dress codes and allow staff to shed the suits.

Meanwhile, forecasters have issued a level three ‘amber’ warning for the heatwave and the NHS has advised people to spend time in the shade when the sun is strongest, keep rooms cool, have cool baths or showers, and stay hydrated.

This is the longest continuous spell of warm weather since 1995.

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