Mourners retrace Jane Austen's funeral procession on 200th anniversary

Some fans dressed in period costume to mark the occasion Credit: ITV Meridian

Fans of the novelist Jane Austen gathered in Winchester today to re-enact her funeral procession, exactly two hundred years ago today.

'Mourners' walked from Austen's house to the cathedral where she's buried

The cathedral bell tolled 41 times for each year of her life, as mourners gathered outside the house in which she died.

At Austen's real funeral there were only four mourners, and no women were allowed, which meant her beloved sister Cassandra wasn't able to attend.

Rachel Hepworth spoke to some of those who made the pilgrimage:

Rachel spoke to Austen fans Maggie and Christine Barton who travelled from Bath, Sophie Andrews from Reading, Rachel Dietrich from Southampton, and Winchester cathedral guide Jane Maxwell.