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Simon's Blog - Faces In Unexpected Places

Photo: Peter Wilson

I don't know about you, but I never noticed that the lighthouse just off the coast of Eastbourne, looked so surprised!

Yes welcome to another batch of photos of things that as they were looked at...appeared to be looking back.

Mark Bulpitt tweeted me from Basingstoke with an astonished looking pencil sharpener.

Meanwhile Simon Ralf found the happiest Jumbo Jet ever!

Sean Belson came across this old World War 2 hut on Ventnor Down on Isle of Wight whilst out riding.

By the looks of things, it was more surprised than he was.

Meanwhile there’s almost an alien quality to the pillbox Kevin Potts found at Rye Harbour.

Peter Colligan in Waterlooville happened up on a couple of cheerful chairs at his local garden centre.

Whilst Barry and Ann Phillips in Brighton sent in this photo of their guard dog at their gate.

He's called Bowie, by the way, inspired by the eyes.

And finally Alison Pincott thought we might like to see the daisy she and her husband found in their garden.

She said "honestly, we couldn't believe our eyes".