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£1.3m worth of fake Apple goods seized by Trading Standards

Photo: West Sussex County Council

1.3 million pounds worth of fake Apple goods have been seized by West Sussex Trading Standards - the biggest in its history.

Fake chargers, batteries, cables, headphones and adapters were seized from a warehouse in London.

An investigation was launched after a charger, bought for £59 from a shop in Haywards Heath in West Sussex, overheated.

Credit: West Sussex County Council

The customer was alarmed at how hot it became when charging her Apple Macbook at home.

She then contacted Trading Standards who later found the charger was unsafe and fake by Apple.

The trail led to another shop in Brighton and on to a warehouse in Kingston-upon-Thames.

A search was carried out at the London premises and over a million pounds worth of fake stock was found.

They were instantly recognisable as fakes because many had the same serial numbers - a tell-tale sign as all official Apple products carry unique serial numbers.

Credit: West Sussex County Council

“This operation uncovered the highest value haul of fake products we have ever been involved in. It is so important for two reasons. Firstly we need to protect consumers from purchasing potentially unsafe products and secondly recovering £1.3m of fake goods helps protect those traders who sell genuine Apple products from being undermined in the market place.”

– Richard Sargeant, West Sussex Trading Standards

“Hats off to the Trading Standards team for recovering such a vast amount of illegal goods. It demonstrates the value of reporting anything suspicious to us, either by phone or by email. So please contact Trading Standards via Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06 or online via if you think something is wrong."

– Debbie Kennard, West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Stronger, Safer Communities