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Search hampered after laser pen shone at Lifeboat crews

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A search and rescue operation by the Whitstable Lifeboat was hampered after a laser pen was shone at the lifeboat.

Crews were conducting a search for a kayaker last seen off Hampton Pier, Herne Bay on Saturday evening.

As light faded, the lifeboat was targeted by a blinding green light from the shoreline, between Swalecliffe and Hampton.

Fortunately crews were able to continue the search investigating various radar contacts and located the casualty, a 26-year old male, a 1/2-mile north of Herne Bay pier paddling towards the shore.

He was taken back to shore and reunited with his family.

Police have also been targeted in the past Credit: PA

To shine a laser light into anyone's eyes is a dangerous thing, but to shine such a light onto a crew at sea in the dark is not only dangerous for the crew but also to the person for whom they are searching and this act was totally irresponsibleā€.

– Mike Judge, Whitstable Lifeboat