Art, politics and convalescence: Greg Gilbert on living with cancer

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November the 8th 2016 is a date seared in the mind of Greg Gilbert.

It was the day he was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer, at the age of 39.

But, with dark humour, the lead singer of Southampton Indie band Delays tells me: 'I never thought hearing that Donald Trump had become President was the second worst news I'd hear that day.'

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As a father of two young girls it was particularly cruel, the prognosis, devastating.

But against the odds Greg has fought back, and ten months on, continues to respond to treatment.

He's by no means out of the woods- doctors predict the cancer will return, and the money raised by fans and well-wishers may be called upon to help with future treatment.

But at the moment, he's focusing on the things he loves, and drawing strength from them.

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So what is it that's kept him going through the dark times?

Well his family of course, his fiance Stacey, daughters Bay and Dali have all been there, but his artwork too has taken a new direction.

Pre-diagnosis he was working on small-scale highly detailed and life-like biro drawings.

Greg was working on this picture when he was diagnosed. He hasn't touched it since Credit: Greg Gilbert

But since diagnosis, he found that he wasn't able to express what he wanted in that way.

Then a present from some fans in Japan, a pack of fine liner pens, prompted him to embark on a series of convalescent drawings, which he says have been both cathartic and a way of channeling positivity.

Convalescence drawing no.22 Credit: Greg Gilbert

There's the same exquisite attention to detail, but a freedom and freshness about the images which is both beautiful and liberating

Greg himself says he rarely thinks about the deeper meaning until the pictures are completed: 'As I'm doing them, I only feel joy and happiness' he says:

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It's hoped he'll be able to exhibit the work in the future.

Convalescence drawing no. 2 Credit: Greg Gilbert

He's not given up on the singing - Delays have plenty more in them, he says, and the band are hoping to record more in the near future.

But Greg's distinctive falsetto voice takes physical effort- something he's not been able to do.

But his strength is returning, and he's continuing to make the most of every moment.

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Greg's future health is still uncertain and his family are trying to raise £250,000 to pay for his future treatment. To help, please click here.

For more information on Greg's artwork visit his website.