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Sick puppies abandoned in Kent woods

One of six puppies left in woods near High Halden Photo: Kameron Stroud

Six puppies have been abandoned by their owner in isolated woods near High Halden in Kent - with a skin condition so severe, they were close to death.

By chance, a walker found them and they've now been nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

The charity says they would have been bred by an unlicensed puppy farm - and is warning owners only to buy from rescue centres or registered breeders.

RSPCA Inspector, Rosie Russon, says buyers are often tricked into thinking they're buying from a home breeder.

Abigail Bracken's full report includes an interview with Kameron Stroud, who found the puppies in the woods last month.

You may find some of the pictures in Abigail Bracken's report distressing.