Christian views 'censored' says former magistrate after tribunal rules against him

Richard Page says he will appeal against the tribunal's decision Credit: ITV

A former magistrate who was sacked from the NHS after expressing his Christian views has lost his case against discrimination.

Richard Page was axed from his role as a non-executive director at a Kent NHS Trust after publicising his views about same-sex adoption and gay marriage.

The 71 year old appeared on various television programmes to defend his position that children should ideally be raised by a mother and father. He had expressed this view during a closed-door consultation in an adoption case while serving as a Justice of the Peace.

He was later sacked for serious misconduct from the Magistracy by the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice, who said his comments suggested he was "biased and prejudiced against single sex adopters".

He took legal action against the NHS Trust but now a tribunal has ruled he wasn't discriminated against. He says he'll appeal the decision