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Children injured by fireworks shot into the crowd during Wiltshire display

14 people have been injured after a box of exploding fireworks tipped over during a display last night (Saturday 4 November), sending some of them directly into the crowd.

It happened during the family event at the Antrobus Hotel in Amesbury, Wiltshire at around 8pm. A number of young children were hurt and the rest of the display was cancelled.

This video shows the moment Brady, who is 10 and was watching with his family, was hit in the face by a firework.

10-year-old Brady was hit by a firework.

13-year-old Shaina was filming the fireworks on her phone when one came straight towards her and her friends.

She says she's vowed to never go to a fireworks event again.

Four ambulances attended, everyone was treated at the scene, and no one needed hospital treatment.

A Facebook Group for those who attended the event has already been set up and has been inundated with people's accounts of what happened.

Was horrific, my sons got a horrendous bruise from getting hit in the leg by a firework, my little girl was petrified! And I still can't get the smell of burning hair out.


What a scary experience it was for everyone! Far too close to the whole thing, we was near the front. I literally cover my 2 year old son and tried my hardest to get him away! But people were just stood still! my son was shaking, thankfully we weren’t hit by anything!

– Danielle Smith

I'm still in complete shock I have hardly slept as my LG kept waking up with nightmares. My family were extremely lucky after checking out clothes this morning we have burn marks all over one of our coats. I hope everyone recovers well and thinking of everyone.

Credit: Aaron-Paul Buckerfield

Checking over clothes and body's in the morning to find the coat my 13 yr old sister was wearing was burnt whilst she was struck in the back by a live firework whilst shielding my traumatized 10 yr old brother.

Being the type of coat it is, it could have been much much worse! Furious is an understatement.

– Aaron-Paul Buckerfield

The hotel management have responded with a statement, apologising to those affected:

A single display box, containing multiple fireworks, malfunctioned at today's display. Regrettably, despite the safety cordon exceeding the manufacturer's guidelines, some projectiles ejected towards the crowd line.

The display was immediately ended and emergency services called. It is now apparent that thankfully no serious injuries occurred, with all injured treated at the scene.

The hotel's team put on today's free event as a community event and worked diligently with the suppliers to ensure that today's event was safe and exceeded requirements in respect of safety and distance.

We are mortified about what has occurred today and would like to apologise to all those affected, please rest assured that a full investigation will take place.

– Antrobus Hotel statement