Wargrave School asks parents for money for pens and paper

The school blames cuts to funding

A school in the Prime Minister's constituency has asked parents for a daily donation to help pay for its stationery and books.

Robert Piggott C of E School in Wargrave says it's down to cuts to the national schools budget.

The Berkshire primary school is in Theresa May's constituency

Credit: PA

Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner told the Daily Mirror: "The reality is that Tory cuts are hitting schools badly, even in the PM’s own constituency.

"Theresa May was elected to represent Maidenhead on a manifesto that guaranteed to protect school funding but she can’t even keep promises to her own voters let alone the rest of the country."

The Government has promised more money is being pumped into schools - when a new funding formula is introduced.

The Education Secretary says an extra £1.3 billion will be invested to help schools deal with cuts.