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Demanding answers about care home injuries

Why did two severely disabled men suffer the same injuries at the same care home - on the same day? That's the question Martyn Lewis and Mark Bates have been asking for two years.

But it's still far from clear why Martyn's brother and Mark's son ended up in hospital with broken legs.

They received their injuries at Beech Lodge in Horsham - one of nine homes run by Sussex Health Care.

Police are investigating 12 deaths at nine homes run by the company. They are also investigating a further 30 cases of suspected neglect. Martyn Lewis and Mark Bates want their cases re-examined as part of that police investigation.

They're also calling for compulsory CCTV in all care homes. John Ryall reports.

In a statement, Sussex Health Care said:

"Beech Lodge supports people with complex needs, including physical conditions such as osteoporosis, which can make bones very brittle. Both cases were subject to comprehensive safeguarding investigations at the time, involving the county and the police.

We co-operated fully with those investigations, which found no evidence of poor handling or any other wrongdoing.

Shortly afterwards, the independent care regulator, the Care Quality Commission, carried out an inspection of all aspects of the home's operation and gave it a 'Good' rating. The CQC re-inspected Beech Lodge this summer.

The report from that inspection, published this week, maintains that 'Good' rating, reflecting the high standards of care and support provided at the home."

– Sussex Health Care