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Driving tests: What is changing?

Learner drivers will be required to pass a new criteria if sitting their driving test after the 4th December 2017.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has confirmed that the driving test in England, Scotland and Wales will change. The changes are designed to make sure new drivers have the skills they’ll need to help them through a lifetime of safe driving.

Drivers will now be required to follow a sat nav in the test Credit:

What you need to know...

  • Independent driving part of the test will increase to 20 minutes
  • Drivers must follow directions from a sat nav
  • Reversing manoeuvres will be changed
  • Answering a vehicle safety question while driving
The Government have issued a helpful video to remind new drivers Credit:

However, the pass mark is staying the same. Drivers will still pass the test if there are no more than 15 driving faults and no serious or dangerous faults.

The examiner will still mark the test in the same way, and the same things will still count as faults.

Some elements of the test will remain the same Credit:

There are more similarities in the test, as the overall time of the driving test won’t change - it will still take around 40 minutes.

The cost of the driving test will also stay the same.

Watch the official video issued by the Government below, noting all changes to the test.

For more information visit the Government website.