Homeowners want action to protect cliffs

The cliffs at Eastchurch Gap are being eroded by the sea Credit: ITV

Stretches of our coastline are at a greater risk from being swallowed up by the sea - as climate change causes water levels to rise, and our coastal defences crumble.

The north coast of the Isle of Sheppey is suffering. Cliff erosion is being predicted to increase significantly over the next 100 years.

You can see how close the cliffs already are to dozens of houses, in this video:

At Eastchurch Gap, cliffs overlooking the Thames Estuary have come under attack from storms and waves.

The Environment Agency has just launched a consultation on its coastline strategy for this stretch of the coastline. Its draft plans say there should be 'no active intervention' to stop the erosion of the cliffs here.

But those living ever closer to the waves don't share their point of view. Abigail Bracken spoke to Malcolm Newell of the Eastchurch Gap Cliff Erosion Community Group:

In a statement, the Environment Agency told us:

Swale Borough Council told Meridian in a statement: