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Homes and businesses in Brockenhurst without gas supply for second day

Engineers have been working through the night to fix the supply Photo: ITV Meridian

Many homes and businesses in the New Forest village of Brockenhurst are without a gas supply for a second day following a flooded gas main.

Brockenhurst College is closed again today as it continues to be without heating, hot water or cooking facilities.

Students have been told to work from home with the hope that the college will reopen on Thursday.

Credit: ITV Meridian

Engineers from SGN have worked throughout night to restore the gas supply and are currently continuing to remove water from the pipes.

The Balmer Lawn Hotel has also been left without heating or hot water.

Temporary traffic lights are currently in place on the A337 Lyndhurst Road between Balmer Lawn Hotel and Careys Manor Hotel.

The latest updates from SGN can be found here.

Temporary traffic lights are currently in place Credit: ITV Meridian

Our apologies that due to the ongoing gas supply issue beyond our control - leaving us without heating, hot water or cooking facilities, the college remains closed to students on Wednesday 29th November."

"Students should work from home using their independent study guides or work set by their teachers."

"The college plans to re-open on Thursday, assuming the gas supply is fixed. Follow our social media for updates."

– Brockenhurst College