Her Majesty the Queen visits West Sussex

The Queen was greeted by crowds of spectators in Chichester
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Richard spoke to David Bailey Director, Canine Partners, Elaine Potter, Puppy Supervisor and Ruth Narracott Puppy Trainer (with Flint).

The Queen visited West Sussex today in her first Royal engagement since the announcement that her grandson Prince Harry will marry American actress Meghan Markle.

Her Majesty met with young dogs and their volunteer trainers at the Canine Partners charity based in Midhurst to see the variety of tasks that assistance dogs carry out to help owners with special needs.

Volunteer 'puppy parents' at the charity take the puppies from the age of eight weeks, for basic training until the age of around 12-14 months when they are ready to start assistance dog training.

The Queen then viewed a demonstration by assistance dogs in their final stages of training, which involves opening doors, pulling clothes out of a washing machine and using an ATM.

People lined the street to see Her Majesty's arrival

Shortly afterwards, the Queen travelled south to Chichester to the Festival Theatre to view a variety of performances from children, including a 'Changing the Guard' dance routine by Chichester Festival Youth Theatre, and excerpts from 'Beauty and The Beast' and 'Fiddler on the Roof'.