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Brilliant, bizarre, beautiful - Slava's Snow Show is a Christmas treat not to be missed

The finale of Slava's Snow Show Photo: Slava

Slava's Snow Show is spectacular beyond words, it's a stunning visual treat that left me and I think everyone else watching with an overwhelming sense of joy.

This is a beautiful, bizarre and wonderfully bonkers performance that had everyone in the Mayflower Theatre fizzing with excitement.

Who'd have thought eight clowns with some big balloons and strips of paper, shredded as snow, could charm the socks off everyone - I've never seen a whole audience, young and old, on its feet and cheering.

Slava's Snow Show Credit: Slava

It's such a simple formula that has produced the most awe inspiring theatre, I can't believe its 24 years old and I've never heard of it before.

A single yellow clown and seven green clowns cast a magical spell over the theatre that lasted long into the night.

My eldest child, a stroppy teenager who on arrival grumped that they wouldn't be using real snow, she didn't like clowns and it looked boring, was completely transformed.

At the interval she was like the happy five year-old I remembered, she threw her arms around me and said: "Mum I was crying with happiness."

There were a few fears before we went, I'm no fan of slapstick circus clowns and halloween has cast a dark cloud over the the innocence of childhood clowns, but Slava Polunin, who created the show back in 1993, has saved clowning's reputation and elevated it to dizzying heights.

An Antarctic snow storm is created in the show Credit: Slava

The show has a doleful yellow clown that you feel sad and happy and sorry for, well ... clowning around with 7 green clowns.

There is such an innocence and warmth in the performance, that it made me smile from the moment it started - and the grin still hasn't left my face.

At one point the stalls are covered in a giant snowy web and later a tornado of snow is blown from the stage with a force to take your breath away.

It was a WOW moment that took me back to childhood and believing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was a real car that defintiely could fly.

Snow fell everywhere, backlit by startling lights, it was like being caught in an antarctic storm that just made me gasp in amazement.

Giant balloons bounce over the heads of the audience Credit: Kate Taylor

The finale was a mass of giant balloons of all size and colour - the biggest a huge yellow sphere that looked like the sun had dropped out of the sky and was bouncing around above our heads.

The cast stay on stage until the audience, all beaming, leave - their hearts a lot lighter. I have never enjoyed the theatre so much, you would have to be hard hearted grinch not to fall in love with Slava this Christmas.

On at the Mayflower Theatre Southampton until Saturday December 9th