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Woman sues health trusts after her leg was amputated

Woman is suing health trusts after having her leg amputated Photo:

A woman whose foot was infected so dangerously that her leg had to be amputated, after what she says was a year of suffering, is taking legal action against the NHS.

Karen Webb, a former nurse from Seaford in East Sussex is suing two health trusts for negligence, claiming that doctors failed to properly treat an ulcer. She says that after the amputation, her case was used in a medical journal on how to treat diabetic ulcers.

The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust and the East Sussex Healthcare Trust have declined to comment ahead of the court case. The two trusts say that they dispute Karen Webb's version of events.

Karen Webb after her leg was amputated

The interviewees in the report by Andy Dickenson are Karen Webb; Matt Hopkins from Diabetes UK; and Emma Doughty, a clinical negligence lawyer from Slater and Gordon.