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House prices in the South see sharp increase

Three seaside towns in the South have seen some of the biggest rises in house prices this last year.

Research by Halifax found Bournemouth, Brighton and Crawley are in the top four places in the UK that have seen the biggest year-on-year increase.

Three seaside towns in our region have seen sharp increases in house prices Credit: ITV

In Bournemouth prices have increased by more than £28,000 - with an average house setting you back more than £273,000. This increase is nearly 5 times the average UK rate during 2017 - the second highest in the country.

In Brighton, it costs over £374,000 - an increase of over £38,000. In Crawley the average house price is currently more than £323,000 - up more than £30,000.

But some first time buyers are struggling more than ever to get on the property ladder.

Our reporter Richard Slee has more.