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Sussex Police announce arrest figures from Christmas crackdown

Sussex Police say there's been a slight fall in the number of drivers stopped for drink and drug driving during December.

Officers arrested 195 people between 1st December 2016 – 1st January 2018.

There was 13 less arrests this festive period than the same time last year Credit: Sussex Police

The official breakdown of the arrests:

  • 138 drink-drive
  • 55 drug-drive
  • 2 people being in charge of a vehicle whilst over the limit (not driving but in driver's seat with keys in ignition)

Of these arrests so far, 23 have been convicted and a further 79 have been charged so far. Sussex Police says this compares to 208 arrests during the same period last.

We’re extremely disappointed that so many people still decide to drive under the influence of drink and drugs, despite our repeated warnings.

However, don’t think the end of our dedicated campaign means you’re off the hook – we’ll still proactively and reactively respond to reports of drink and drug-drivers throughout the year, and anyone caught will be dealt with robustly.

– Sussex Police