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Several rescue teams dispatched to find missing dog stuck in mud

The Coastguard mud team, Police and air support helicopter were all dispatched to Gosport after a call was made to locate a missing dog in a muddy creek.

The call was made to the Coastguard at 19:19pm on Friday 5th January.

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An animal welfare advisor from Hampshire Fire and Rescue also accompanied the search, where thermal heat sources were used to locate the German Shepherd and owner.

The dog was rescued and returned to it's owner who was searching locally after an extensive search.

The Hillhead Coastguard team cover the area between Portsmouth Harbour and the River Itchen and are a search, Water rescue & Mud Rescue team.

Can we remind the public that they need to dial 999 for the Coastguard for any emergencies on the coast or at sea. This includes animals due to the risk of members of the public placing themselves at risk trying to help the animal.

– HM Coastguard