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Yellow fog warning for tonight & Thursday morning

The Met Office has issued a map showing areas where there could be fog Photo: Met Office

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning of fog for tonight and Thursday morning. The Chief Forecaster says that foggy patches could form in a number of areas across the South and South East, with visibility falling to below 100 metres in places.

The alert says foggy patches could appear between 7pm on Wednesday 10th January and 11am on Thursday 11th January. The Met Office warns is warning drivers of slower journey times, and the possibility of delays to flights at airports.

Fog patches are likely to form during the early part of Wednesday evening, becoming more widespread overnight with the visibility falling below 100 metres in places. Fog will thin slowly later on Thursday morning, although some patches may persist into the afternoon in the west of the warning area.

– Chief Forecaster, Met Office
The New Forest covered in fog Credit: Matt Pinner

There have already been reports of fog in some ares on Tuesday morning, with some viewers sending in photographs of the situation in their area to the Meridian weather desk. The email address is

Hampshire County Council meanwhile says that it may be sending out the gritters tonight to salt the area's roads.

The Met Office issued another warning ahead of the evening rush hour.