Rubbish roads: who's to blame for litter on verges?

Roadside litter Credit: Press Association

You probably wouldn't think it, looking out of your car window, but hundreds of millions of pounds are spent every year cleaning the verges of motorways and trunk roads.

Roadside litter is bad and getting worse. It's an eyesore and can be a danger to wildlife. Yet some drivers and passengers are still throwing rubbish from car windows or dumping it in laybys.

From April this year, the maximum on-the-spot fine local authorities can issue for dropping litter will nearly double from £80 to £150.

For the first time, councils will also be able to apply these litter penalties to vehicle owners if it can be proved the rubbish was thrown from their car, van or lorry, even if was discarded by a passenger.

This report by Tom Savvides includes pictures of roadside litter and interviews with Peter Silverman from Clean Highways, the Prime Minister and Maidstone councillor, John Barned.