From plastic spiders to 'balloon' sheep - RSPCA reveals comic call-outs

A plastic horse on a trailer prompted several calls to the RSPCA Credit: RSPCA

Remember the 'big cat' on the loose in Hedge End a few years ago that turned out to be a stuffed toy?

A full scale alert was sparked when a white tiger was seen crouching in a field near the Ageas Bowl cricket ground.

Police marksmen, zoo keepers and a helicopter were scrambled, and the match between South Wiltshire and Hampshire Academy was stopped for 20 minutes.

Now the RSPCA is revealing it's most comic call-outs of 2017.

The Sussex-based charity receives one call every 27 seconds from animal-lovers concerned for a pet or wild animal.

Occasionally, members of the public get it wrong...

The plastic horse was unharmed during the journey Credit: RSPCA the several people who called in concerned about a blindfolded horse being transported on the back of a trailer along a motorway.

Suffice it to say the plastic animal was unharmed during transit.

The wooden heron 'with a broken leg' Credit: RSPCA

...and a heron, which was spotted 'with a broken leg' sitting on a fence in a back garden. Thankfully, a garden ornament.

Balloons mistaken for four trapped sheep Credit: RSPCA

Inspectors were called to a field after a call from a farmer whose elderly neighbour was concerned for four ewes who were stuck in the hedgerow.

He said they'd been there for two days.

A 'dog' which was spotted covered in frost sparked alarm Credit: RSPCA

A delivery man phoned about his concerns for a collie that he'd spotted immobile and covered in frost outside a garden gate.

Credit: RSPCA

This abandoned bathtub caused consternation after it was mistaken by several people for a dead horse.

The terrifying plastic spider found under the stairs Credit: RSPCA

And a terrified woman from Alresford called about a massive spider she'd found under the stairs.

The RSPCA team was mobilised and retrieved the arachnid. The woman's young son later confirmed it was his....

“When you’re working with animals, you expect the unexpected - but some of the calls we get are downright bizarre!

Dermot Murphy, RSPCA