Work on Thatcham flood defence scheme completed

It follows years of campaigning by local residents, councils and MPs Credit: ITV

It's been 10 years since devastating floods hit the Berkshire town of Thatcham. More than 1,000 homes were affected, with dozens of residents evacuated from their properties.

It was described as a one-in-a-hundred-year storm. The sudden deluge a decade ago, combined with serious drainage problems, created some of the worst flooding ever seen in the region.

Properties on the estate next to Tull Way were some of the worst affected.

But now, after much campaigning, a £1.4million flood alleviation scheme has finally been built. It was funded by government grants, council levies, and money raised by a residents group.

A further six flood schemes for the area, are currently in the pipeline.

Our reporter Cary Johnson has the story.