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High winds cause power outages and severe delays

Gusts of up to 70mph across the region caused nearly 23,000 homes to be without power overnight in Oxfordshire and commuters across the South face delays and cancellations to many rail services due to a high volume of fallen trees across the region.

High winds caused damage to the overhead networks from wind-borne debris and fallen trees. However, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks say they have made 'good progress' in restoring power to customers - with 2,900 customers currently off supply in parts of Oxfordshire, West Sussex and the M4 corridor.

Credit: Network Rail, Surrey

Meanwhile, rail services running across the whole South Western Railway network have been cancelled, delayed or revised due to a number of fallen trees on the tracks.

South Western Railway say the disruption is expected to ease from 11:00am.

Delays are expected to continue until all debris is cleared from tracks Credit: Network Rail, Surrey

There were confirmed reports of a train suffering extensive damage after it struck a fallen tree that was blocking the railway at Shawford station.

Another fallen tree caused extensive damage to signalling equipment at Milford. Once the tree has been removed, the signalling equipment will need to be repaired prior to the railway line being reopened which may cause further delays.

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