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Four helpless pups abandoned in Brighton


The RSPCA are trying to track down those responsible for dumping four helpless puppies in Brighton in the pouring rain and freezing temperatures.

The dogs were abandoned just metres away from the RSPCA centre on Wednesday night.

Passers-by contacted the RSPCA after they found one collie puppy and another two lurcher pups, thin and shivering in a gateway on Braypool Lane at 9pm.

They found a fourth puppy, also a lurcher, underneath a pile of sawdust, that the other three had been huddling round trying to keep warm.

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Julie Parsons was called to the heartbreaking scene and rushed the poorly puppies to the vets.

“These poor pups were so ill, one had already died and the other three were suffering from parvo virus. We think they are all aged between nine and 12 weeks old.

“They were all thin and very cold. From the way the poor dead puppy was underneath a heap of sawdust it looks as though these poor little mites were literally tipped out of a box and left there.

“It is so hard to understand why anyone would dump sick and dying puppies in the middle of the night in this way when they clearly needed help. The fact they were just up the road from the RSPCA centre is just heartbreaking.

“The three surviving puppies were rushed to the vets but were so poorly that sadly one died not long after they arrived for emergency treatment. The following morning vets found the last lurcher puppy was so severely ill that the kindest option was to put her to sleep. They are now fighting to save Lolly, the little collie puppy.”

– ACO Parsons

Parvovirus is highly contagious and can often be a fatal virus for dogs. It mainly affects puppies between six weeks and six months of age - often after they are weaned too early or stressed.