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Plans for more safety measures for Smart Motorways

More emergency places to stop are to be put on Smart Motorways Photo: PA

More emergency places to stop are to be put on Smart Motorways - where hard shoulders are turned into running lanes - after concerns about safety.

It follows a campaign led by the Basingstoke based AA and emergency services.

They say the schemes are unsafe as drivers are at risk of vehicles crashing into them if they break down.

miles there will be a refuge
to make them more visible
M3/ M25
extra refuges

Work on the M3 between the M25 and Fleet was recently completed. In future there will be refuges every mile compared to every 1.5 miles at the moment. They will also be painted yellow to make them more visible following a trial on the M3.

Extra refuges will be added to M3 and M25 Credit: PA

The move is revealed in a letter to the Transport Select Committee from Highways England.

It is understood a review is underway to look into extra refuges being added to the M3 and M25 where the scheme exists.

Work on schemes for the M27 between Fareham and Southampton, M23 between Gatwick and the M25, M4 between Heathrow and Theale and the M3 between Winchester and Southampton is currently being finalised.