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Dog dies after being 'dumped in ditch' in Surrey with others

Dogs were found 'dumped in a ditch' in Surrey Photo: RSPCA

A dog's died and three others have been rescued after being dumped in a ditch in Surrey.

Three collie cross puppies were found in Littlewoods Close in Guildford last Thursday, before later another one was found. Of the three that survived, two are believed to be 10 weeks old and another is three months old.

“This is a horrible abandonment of these vulnerable puppies and it is very concerning that there were two incidents in the same day.

“The temperatures that morning were extremely cold with the storms passing through the night before and sadly one of the puppies had already died and was found lying in the ditch, wet and freezing cold. All the pups were covered in fleas, they were dirty and smelled very strongly of faeces.

“Later that day, I received a second call about another puppy found in a similar area and in the same condition as the others. I don’t believe they are from the same litter as they seem to be different ages.

– Inspector Helen Wheeler, who's investigating these incidents at the RSPCA

It comes after a similar incident in Brighton last week. Four dogs were found left just metres from an RSPCA centre.