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More foster carers needed to support adults in the community

Carers are paid to offer long-term or respite care Photo: ITV News

A scheme that organises fostering for adults is looking for more members.

Shared Lives pays households to offer long-term or respite care to elderly people or adults with learning disabilities.

It offers an alternative to traditional care, such as care homes.

Some people will move in with their shared lives carer, others will have regular daytime visitors.

Some use the Shared Lives scheme as a way of learning the skills they need to live independently.

Claire McGlasson went to meet Rachel and her carer Jayne, to hear how they both benefit from the scheme.

Claire spoke to Rachel Tull and her carer Jayne as well as Anna Bailey, a County Councillor.

To find further details of local Shared Lives services, go to NHS Choices and enter your postcode.

If you're interested in becoming a Shared Lives carer, you can find out more from the charity Shared Lives Plus.