Lymington Times- saying goodbye to nostalgia

The end of one era, often leads to a new one - and that's the case for the Lymington Times.

The newspaper has always been printed in black and white - until today.

Editors say the move reflects changing times and marks the newspaper's 90th birthday.

Watch this report by Martin Dowse to find out more:

The fanatically loyal readership of the New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times viewed the world very much in black and white.

Their weekly hyper local broadsheet for years had been created on a 1960's letterpress printer powered by a tractor engine.

But now it's in colour and no longer as broad a broadsheet.

The newspaper is still family run and is still 50p. It'll still cover events in the New Forest and Christchurch area...but it'll never look the same again.