Could Calais be a lifeline for the NHS?

NHS patients in the South East who have had their operations cancelled because of the winter crisis can now apply to be treated within weeks at a hospital in France.

They are no extra costs to the NHS or the patient in a deal struck by chiefs at the South Kent Coast Clinical Commissioning Group and the hospital in Calais.

The Centre Calais de Hospitalier is 26 miles away from people in Dover, but requires quite a journey across the English Channel.

Trips made from home to the hospital as well as accommodation once in the country have to be paid for by those requesting treatment.

We spoke to Martin Trelcat, the director of the Centre Hospitalier de Calais, about why and how they wanted to open the door to more patients.

  • Watch Chloe Oliver's full report below.

  • She spoke to Serge Orlov who waited for more than a year for his knee operation but after his GP referred him to the French centre he had his treatment booked within 4 weeks...

Trips from the Hospital to the Calais Port and Eurostar Terminal are only a few minutes away, making it an easy crossing from Dover, Ashford or London St Pancras.

French hospital promises operations in a month for delayed NHS patients