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Man fined for breaking puppy’s ribs by ‘slamming’ him against wall

Charlie before the attack Credit: RSPCA

A Berkshire man has been disqualified from keeping animals and fined for causing unnecessary suffering to his Labrador puppy.

Joe Easterby from Bracknell slammed the black Labrador puppy, Charlie, against a wall when he ‘lost his temper’, breaking multiple ribs.

Easterby appeared at Reading Magistrates’ Court today where he was given a two-year community order and fined £2,692 - the second largest fine ever issued by that court.

He was also disqualified from keeping pets (mammals) for ten years and ordered to pay £300 in costs and a £170 victim surcharge.

Charlie suffered broken ribs after the attack Credit: RSPCA

Sharon Chrisp, the RSPCA inspector who led the investigation, describes the harrowing find:

We were contacted late at night on 26th August last year (2017) by an anonymous source who claimed Mr Easter had been seen slamming his puppy against a wall in the communal area of the block of flats he lived in.

When my colleague attended the address and asked to see the dog she was concerned for him as he appeared to be struggling to breathe and took him straight to a vet.

X-rays revealed Charlie had broken at least six ribs and vets found he had a swollen face and bloodshot eyes consistent with being strangled.

Mr Easter claimed Charlie had got caught in the door accidentally but later admitted, in interview, that he had lost his temper and there had been an incident, although he refused to go into detail.

However, we were able to get further evidence from a witness who said they saw him slamming Charlie against a wall three times. They were terrified and wanted to say something but were scared for their own safety.”

– Sharon Chrisp, RSPCA inspector
Charlie now has a new permanent home with a family from Surrey. Credit: RSPCA

Charlie was just 12 weeks old when he was seized by police and placed into the charity’s care in August 2016. It took him several months to heal and he was placed in foster care while the case went through the courts.

Charlie now has a new permanent home with a family from Surrey.