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Still no sign of missing Meatball the poodle with heart problems

Meatball went missing on 30th January in Burgess Field in Port Meadow, Oxford Photo: DogLost

The search for a missing poodle with heart problems is set to resume next week.

Meatball is a toy poodle who's been missing since the 30th January. He was out with his owner in Burgess Field by Port Meadow in Oxford, when he was chased by two larger dogs. He became scared and ran off.

His harness was found by another dog during a search of the local area.

Meatball who's 9 years old, suffers with heart problems and needs daily medication. He also needs a special diet.His owner says she believes he may be stuck down a rabbit hole after he was chased.

A number of searches have taken place across the area but there is still no sign of Meatball.

More searches are due to take place this week.

Meatball is 9 years old and suffers from heart problems Credit: Carolyn Liu

Meatball barks at the doorbell, so the plan is to record the sound of his doorbell at home and play it back down the rabbit holes to see if he can be heard barking.

Meatball has a foreign Chip but it is registered on UK database.

Meatball was chased by two larger dogs and ran away Credit: Carolyn Liu

People taking part are being asked not to bring their dogs as Meatball is so timid and may be scared off.

Anyone with information or sightings of Meatball is urged to contact Carolyn on 07387 376123.