Couple jailed for total of 20 years over neglect and harm of six week old son

A couple have been jailed for a total of 20 years after being found guilty of causing or allowing their 6-week old son to suffer serious physical harm and neglect.

24 year old Jody Simpson and 46 year old Tony Smith's son suffered near-fatal injuries which resulted in the six week old baby boy having both his legs amputated.

In November 2014, Simpson took her son to a doctor's surgery from the couple's one bedroom flat in Square Hill Road, Maidstone.

The child was then rushed by ambulance to hospital as he was critically ill.

The baby’s father, Tony Smith, joined the mother at the hospital where the infant was placed on a ventilator before being taken to a London hospital.

46 year old Tony Smith and 24 year old Jody Simpson have been jailed Credit: Kent Police

The baby received intensive care and when examined by medical experts was found to have multiple fractures and had developed septicaemia.

Smith and Simpson were both interviewed and denied causing the injuries or having any knowledge of how they were caused.

They also denied delaying the seeking of medical attention.

Six week old Tony lived in the one bedroom flat in Maidstone

Their child was placed in the care of Social Services after being discharged from hospital.

Smith and Simpson pleaded not guilty at Maidstone Crown Court but were found guilty on Friday 16th February.

This was a distressing case where injury and ill-health has been caused to a baby by those who should have been committed to his care and well-being, Jody Simpson and Tony Smith. This child will have to live with the effects for the rest of his life and the parents can spend time reflecting on their actions and neglect during their time in prison. I would like to thank the medical staff and experts who cared for the baby when he was admitted to hospital and who subsequently assisted us with this investigation."

Detective Inspector Ian Wadey, Kent Police