Homeless hostel offers fresh start with man's best friend

Credit: ITV Meridian

A private rehab centre in Gillingham is opening its doors to the homeless and their pets.

For many it is a tough choice, deciding whether to live their life on their own or with their beloved pet.

It follows the death of John Chadwick, who gave up his dogs when he was rehomed and then took his own life ten days later.

John's best friend Dee has been campaigning for more places like this to open up.

Dee Bonett, John Chadwick's best friend

So few institutions will accept dogs or cats, but Hellion House has built kennels and a cattery so people do not have to make the tough decision.

The kennels are relatively small but there are plans to expand.

Caroline Ralph, CEO Hellion Group

Richard has already benefitted from the service.

He had nowhere to live and became addicted to drugs - the only constant in his life was his dog Lara.

He turned down housing in Medway so that he could stay with her.

But Hellion House has meant he can bring Lara and get the help he needs.

Richard, Former Homeless

A fundraising page has been set up to enable Hellion House to expand the kennels and cattery.

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