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Families shaken after spate of burglaries in Farnham

Doors have been smashed and thousands of pounds in cash, jewellery and camera equipment taken in a spate of burglaries in Farnham, Surrey.

Four houses were targeted in just a few days Credit: ITV

Four houses have been targeted in just a few days, and seven others have been burgled over the last month.

Jacoba Murray and Laura Eeles' houses were both broken into on Monday afternoon.

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The double-glazed back door of Jacoba's house was smashed and cash, jewellery and cameras were stolen while she was at work.

"It's not just the financial loss, it's the fact that someone has invaded your home, your safe space, that is just awful."

Shortly after, Laura Eeles arrived back to her home with her three-year-old and found the back door open. Upstairs, she discovered all her jewellery had gone - including family heirlooms and the necklace and earrings she wore on her wedding day.

Laura said: "I was so shocked, I was crying, I was shaking. It's the intrusion into our home and the things that I've lost that make me so sad. My grandmother's engagement ring, my great-grandmother's brooch and wedding jewellery from my father, who passed away last year."

Irreplaceable jewellery, including this brooch, was stolen in the raids Credit: ITV

Surrey Police are investigating whether the burglaries are linked. The force currently has a dedicated team of officers engaged in a campaign - Op Spearhead - to tackle the rise in residential burglaries.

It's using covert and overt tactics and intelligence gathering in order to target patrols to specific areas. It says so far it has seen some success, with a number of individuals recently charged over a 'significant number' of burglaries across the region.