Two years on: Didcot falls silent to remember four men killed in power station collapse

Michael Collings, Ken Cresswell, John Shaw and Chris Huxtable

The town of Didcot fell silent today to remember the four men killed in the power station collapse two years ago.

On the afternoon of February the 23rd 2016, a part of the boiler house came crashing down with four workers trapped under the debris.

A major incident was declared and a rescue operation carried out to recover the bodies of the missing.

Michael Collings, Chris Huxtable, Ken Cresswell and John Shaw's bodies were found over the following seven months.

A multi million pound investigation into what happened began and is still ongoing.

Our reporter Mark McQuillan has been looking back at the events of that day.

Mark spoke to Jackie Billington, Mayor of Didcot, Asst Ch Con Jason Hogg, Thames Valley Police & Peter Baker, Director of Construction, Health & Safety Executive

The tragedy has had a huge affect on the community which is made up of a large number of people who have at some point in their lives worked at the power station or know some one who has.

A minute's silence was held at 11 o'clock Credit: ITV Meridian

The company which was carrying out the demolition of the boiler house at the time of the collapse was Birmingham-based Coleman and Company.

They have been working with the police and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to understand the cause of the incident.

Credit: ITV Meridian

Police hope by the end of March they will have finished on site.

All of the evidence gathered on the ground as well as the interviews conducted will then be passed on to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

The CPS will then decide whether anyone should be charged following the tragedy and if so what those charges should be.

Our reporter Mel Bloor, was at the scene on that day two years ago and has been following the story.

Mel met with the Managing Director of Coleman and Company in Birmingham for his first sit down interview following the tragedy.

James Howard, Managing Director of Coleman & Company