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Philippa has Sunday's weather for the east

Philippa has the latest weather Photo: ITV Meridian

Another dry, sunny but cold day, feeling bitter in the wind. Staying largely dry overnight with clear skies giving rise to another widespread frost. Monday will be bitterly cold with scattered snow showers giving a dusting in places.

Today:A dry day with plenty of sunshine. However, still feeling bitterly cold with a brisk easterly wind. Some light snow showers may reach the North Sea coast during the evening. Maximum temperature 3 °C.

Tonight:Turning cloudier from the east with scattered snow showers giving slight accumulations by daybreak in the east. Very cold with a brisk and bitter easterly breeze. Minimum temperature -3 °C.

Monday:Further scattered snow showers, mainly in the east, interspersed with some bright or sunny intervals. Very cold with a brisk and bitter feeling easterly breeze. Maximum temperature 2 °C.