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Eleven people rescued after boats capsize in freezing River Stour

Photo: RNLI/ Nick Watts

A group of mainly teenage girls have been rescued after three boats capsized in the River Stour, in Bournemouth.

Emergency services were called to Ilford Bridge in Christchurch on 17/03, where the teenagers fell into the river.

Ten people aged around 16, along with one adult on a safety boat, fell into the river. It's said they're part of a nearby rowing club.

Two helicopters were also circling above the scene.

Credit: @mintithemini

Emergency services attended the scene. It is believed everyone was safely rescued or made their way onto land of their own accord.

There is slow traffic on surrounding roads while emergency services deat with the incident.

RNLI Mudeford were at the scene. They said they discovered three more of the group ashore and two capsized rowing boats.

When we arrived at the location we found an upturned support boat and 4 persons on the river bank wet, cold and appearing to be in a confused state and very concerned for the other members of their group.

The situation was confused and we struggled to get accurate numbers of people involved in the incident.

Knowing that the people ashore were safe we left a crewman with the group and commenced a thorough search of the immediate area for any persons unaccounted for.

During that search we received information that all casualties were accounted for so we then ended our search and changed our tasking to recover equipment and the 3 casualty vessels.

– RNLI Mudeford
RNLI Mudeford at the scene Credit: RNLI/ Nick Watts
RNLI Mudeford at the scene Credit: RNLI/ Nick Watts

Credit: @GraceyMedia