Player encourages others to take up wheelchair sports

Ricky Perrin and others play wheelchair basketball at showcase

A man from Sussex who says that playing sport has helped him to stay fit and active is encouraging other people with disabilities to take up sport.

Ricky Perrin helped to organise a unique showcase at the University of Brighton campus at Falmer. The event was a joint initiative for the Sussex Bears wheelchair basketball team, and the Brighton and Hove Albion FC charity 'Albion in the Community'. The Brighton Buccaneers were also there to show wheelchair sports in action.

Mr Perrin says that more than a quarter of a million people in Sussex are living with a disability in the county, but only one in six of them takes part in a sport. He's calling for more opportunities for people with disabilities to do sport, saying that the potential benefits are not just physical and social - giving people a better quality of life and more independence; but also financial - potentially saving the country thousands of pounds which would otherwise be spent on care and medical costs.

Andy Dickenson spoke to Ricky Perrin, a player for the Sussex Bears; Sam Kennedy who plays for the Brighton Buccaneers; and Bob Aldridge who coaches the Brighton Buccaneers.